About Us

Our Story

Our entrepreneurial journey began… in 1997, in a basement office.

As managing editor of a local newspaper in Canada, Chandra had received a lot of badly spelled, off message press releases. Sensing an opportunity, and tired of being a full-time employee, she quit her job to become a freelance editor. Soon, she had more work than she could handle, and started subcontracting out, and handling everything via a website. Keep in mind, this is before the dot com boom, and in fact, before Google existed.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Terry was working with a university coalition, editing a magazine with articles written by extremely verbose — and sometimes not terribly clear — academics. 

They met online via a dating website (also new at the time!), and got married six months to the day after Terry’s first message to Chandra. They settled in Canada, and the adventure began in earnest.

Onward and upward

From the basement… to a proper office. And from there, occupying most of the top floor of a lovely riverside professional building. Terry and Chandra grew their basement startup from a handful of editors to a global firm employing more than 300 people worldwide. All while raising four children and two furbabies. It was no cakewalk: there were plenty of 18-hour days, too many visits to the ER, lots of stress, and not enough coffee. We learned so much, and we hope to pass on our hard earned wisdom to you.