Entrepreneurial Parent Profile: Andrew Jernigan

Andrew Jernigan, CEO of Insured Nomads, is an insurtech and traveltech pioneer that has taken the insurance protection for the ‘work from anywhere’ generation, and along with the team he leads, has brought it a level that humanizes the digital experience with features and benefits that are vital for this expat/slomad lifestyle.

Dr. Juliana Jernigan, Chief Medical Officer and founder of Insured Nomads, has had experience in wilderness medicine in developing countries to corporate global health in the energy and mining sector — it’s led her to projects around the global. Being a parent of kids travelling around the world a lifestyle that Andrew took from a dream to reality almost 30 years ago from journalling on it in a cafe in Amsterdam. He journaled that day that he wanted to marry someone from another country and raise kids while moving around the world.

Andrew (American) and Juliana (Brazilian) have been married over twenty years, and have raised three children. It’s their adventurous or entrepreneurial spirit that have led them to live in the bush in Ghana, West Africa at a remote clinic and found a global health insurance provider, among other endeavors with kids — two boys and a girl — and they cherish their cross-cultural upbringing as TCK’s (third culture kids).

As the founders of Insured Nomads, we make your travel as safe and smart as staying at home through short term/travel insurance, long-term/global health insurance, and other protection plans for the global citizen.

As an entrepreneurial parent, commitment to teamwork by all involved is essential. Life comes in seasons and sometimes on parent has more demands at one moment than in the last. Realizing that a servant-style leadership is required as a partner, friend, and whole family when running enterprises is an effective entrepreneurial model.




Image credit: Andrew Jernigan

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