Entrepreneurial Parent Profile: Dr. Brandi Baldwin

I’m the Founder and CEO of Millennial Ventures and have been a full-time entrepreneur for over 12 years.

I’m a proud mother of two children; my daughter is 13 and my son is 8. I’m divorced, but am blessed to have a village to help me navigate my personal “new normal” of raising my children without a spouse.

My business, Millennial Ventures, is the parent company to a suite of social impact brands with a mission to positively impact the education and workforce innovation spaces. From technology to diversity and inclusions solutions, we’re innovating and representing one of the few women and Black-owned companies in this space.

My hacks? It’s all about caring for your calendar! As a mom, I schedule everything, all the way down to mommy-daughter dates so that I spend quality time with my daughter.

The challenge with being an entrepreneur is that managing the business is 24/7 thing. I used to “shush” my kids because I was working during their play time, or I’d have to cut work meetings short to tend to something with the kids. Once I learned how to optimize my schedule and block out time for my priorities everything changed. I’m unapologetic about having 15-20 minute meetings (instead of the hour that most people request), I even schedule self-care time, exercise and everything else that matters to me. This has helped me create the much-needed structure to thrive as both a mom and an entrepreneur.


Image credit: Dr. Baldwin

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