Entrepreneurial Parent Profile: Ravit Rose

As a single mom of two teenagers, from the moment I divorced over one decade ago, life has been a struggle.

I was not prepared for how divorce would force me into an unfamiliar territory of immense change, an overload of emotions, near bankruptcy, and complete confusion of how to get my life back together.

After I had spent over $100,000 in legal fees in this nasty divorce, I questioned everything … me, God, and the universe as I went into a deep depression while trying to figure out “why me?”

I did what I thought was best and started a business with an uncle — who later stole it all away from me, leaving me with less than nothing. In my early 40s, I was forced to start life all over again for a third time.

Fast forward a few years, when I published my book titled Unwanted Nasty Divorces. Then I created the Divorce by Rose Community app. I am now revolutionizing the way parents are divorcing around the world by helping parents make the logical decision to either stay married or get divorced with logic, rather than following the paradigm of emotional decisions that leads them to one common place — to end up broke and broken — whether financially, emotionally, spiritually, in their career or with their personal life.

With 24/7 instant support, guidance and direction from our specialized divorce coaches, we educate parents on how to rebuild and restructure their lives and to save time, money and unnecessary stress.

Parenting is never easy… not for married couple nor for a single parent. But I’ve realized that it gets much easier with a positive mindset, a crystal clear laser focus vision of my future, where I keep my eye on my goals rather than on the “stories” and on the obsessive court battles.

Divorce by Rose is a Divorce Community app for parents in separation and divorce helping them avoid from ending up broke and broken. This APP allows you to remain anonymous, allowing you to be free to chat and learn without being identified!

Ravit Rose is a divorce coach and mentor, an author, a public speaker, and a deeply devoted mom to her children. She is igniting conversations about needless suffering families face because of inconsistencies in the family justice system and how these flaws are failing families far and wide to make way for monumental change. 

Image credit: Ravit Rose

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