Entrepreneurial Parent Profile: Danielle Joworski

My name is Danielle Joworski. Professionally, I’m a second-time-around entrepreneur. My first attempt happened at 40 when I chose to step out of corporate after working for Fortune 500 companies like Campbell’s Soup and Johnson & Johnson. A lack of confidence in my ability to transition, clarity on what to do, and a fear of being visible, especially on video, led to the unfortunate demise of that business.

With a lot of pain, shame, and guilt, I returned to the corporate world, knowing that one day, I’d step out again. Today, I’m a 2X TV Host and Business and Visibility Advisor for other women entrepreneurs, specializing in supporting those who are midlife and beyond to feel more confident and become more visible in their business.

Personally, I’m an introvert and enjoy quiet activities around the home or taking my dog for a walk. Before I started studying personal growth, I had never used the words abundance or manifesting, and had a pretty negative attitude around the idea of positive thinking and mindset. However, after becoming a student of personal growth for over seven years now, I believe in its potential to help push myself outside of my boundaries and take control of my business. Because of its immense impact on my life, and my own personal transformations, I’ve chosen to include coaching as a service within my business.

I’ve been married now for just over 20 years to my husband, and am a mother to two children and one dog.

The motto of my business is “Make what you imagine visible, by becoming visible. “

My business is focused on emboldening women to dare to be themselves, so showing up in person or online feels good and personalized to who they are, and where they are in their business, career and visibility journeys.

Through education, coaching, and providing visibility platforms, I blend mindset growth with visibility skillset development to provide women with bespoke experiences so they feel more confident as they increase their visibility and create the impact, influence and income they imagine.

My work focuses mainly on impact-driven and service-minded midlife women. The intention is to help them to transition, grow and thrive by doing what they feel called to do, increasing the health and wellness of others by daring to be themselves and being seen and heard by taking actions that feel good.

I am where I am today because I faced my biggest fear: becoming visible and being on camera. This was achieved when I saw the need to connect the career challenges of women in the workplace to the solution, support and services of women entrepreneurs and decided to pitch a TV show idea to a local network. And it got accepted. I committed to Producing and Hosting the show without any background in broadcasting or media (I have a microbiology degree). The belief in the need to connect these challenges to these solutions helped to drive me to face my fear of the cameras and being visible and became the catalyst for the work I do today helping other women to overcome their fear and limiting beliefs related to being seen and heard as the face and voice of their business.

My first entrepreneurial hack attempt happened when my kids were young. The biggest issue we encountered was everyone understanding that just because I was home, didn’t mean that housework would get done, and that when I was home in my office, I was actually working.

We overcame these issues by having defined boundaries and me not completing housework during the day, and communicating that when my office door is closed, I was working and not to be disturbed.

The second time I became an entrepreneur, up to today, my kids were teenagers. A hurdle we had to overcome was noise from stereos and normal ‘living’, as well as multiple devices connected to the WiFi at the same time. As a parent, I had to be forgiving in that I could not expect my teens to always be quiet. I knew that any work that I needed to do that needed quiet, I would complete during school hours when the kids weren’t home. If I needed quiet when they were at home, it was communicated ahead of time if possible and when I was done, that was communicated as well so ‘normal’ living could return.

For the WiFi issue, I use a direct link to the internet. If I’m going to be online and it’s critical that the internet not be interrupted, I do ask my family to stay off their devices.

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