Entrepreneurial Parent Profile: Jessica Yarmey

I have balanced work with motherhood since my son was born in 2010. Most recently, I founded KickHouse, a kickboxing franchise, in July 2020 and still lead the company as CEO. Prior to diving into entrepreneurship during the pandemic, I was a Chief Marketing Officer at Club Pilates which was a culmination of a 20 year marketing career.

My son, Henry, is 12 in the sixth grade. His dad is super-dad and runs a majority of the parenting schedule. While our divorce set up 50/50 custody, our schedule is closer to 70/30 which has allowed me to pursue my career with intensity. We co-parent with a goal of stability and consistency for our boy. I commuted to Florida and California for my career while my son stayed in Texas. That schedule does not work unless you have a partner who is fully supportive of your career.

KickHouse is a modern kickboxing studio franchise with a range of class formats taught in every studio. We help our members and communities take health and kick it up level! From our launch in July of 2020, we have quickly grown to 26 studios across the country and are looking to add more franchise owners to our family.

Being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 kind of role. It is very difficult to draw lines of divide between work life and personal life. When you do draw a line, you’re constantly looking over at the other side with guilt. Knowing that a divide would be virtually impossible, I aim to blur the lines as much as possible and include my son in work-related activities so he can see what I am building. He has attended conferences and early morning 5k events. He hands out free class cards to strangers with confidence. His greatest passion is YouTube and video editing so we will often collaborate on social media content and editing. My entrepreneurial life is still very unbalanced but that blurred line makes it more sustainable to work in my business and still show up as a good parent.


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